Nike Air Max TR180 Review

The Nike Air Max TR180 is one of the most celebrated training shoes on the market, but does it really deliver what it says it does? After extensive research, I’d have to say absolutely. The Air Max TR180 is more than just a good looking athletic shoe – it’s a long lasting workout companion that can get you through the toughest grind in signature Nike style.

Boasting lightweight Flykwire reinforced uppers, an ultra responsive Max Air heel cushion, and superb construction through and through, the TR180 is undoubtedly one of the best training shoes that the sports brand has come up with.

Want to find out what makes the Air Max TR180 such a great choice? Learn more about this killer training shoe and why it might just be your next gym buddy by reading through this comprehensive review.

Classic Nike Look with a Little Bit of Bulk

Recently, Nike has been focused on releasing trendy looking athletic shoes that leverage a sleek silhouette for an ultra slim appearance. While I’m definitely on that bandwagon, there’s still something to be admired with bulkier shoes that provide more stability and support.

At a glance, it’s easy to see that the TR180 is definitely one of the beefier constructions that Nike has. This is mostly because of the thicker sole design that incorporates a Max Air heel cushion for greater responsiveness and bounce.

Another reason for the added bulk is the padding used around the collar and tongue of the shoe. This makes it look a lot chunkier compared to other, sleeker training shoe silhouettes from the brand like the Free Trainer 5.0 V6 which uses much less padding for a slimmer look all together.

Despite the burly build though, the TR180 is still a good looking and very stylish shoe. Coming in several different colorways, it’s really easy to leverage the design for different casual looks.

Ample Support for a Confident Step

The Nike Flywire technology lends incredible stability to the shoe’s overall design. Basically, Flywire works like cables on a suspension bridge, preventing the uppers from giving in too much to movement. This locks down your feet, giving greater lateral stability, and eliminating the chances of eversion and inversion related injuries.

Aside from the Flywire tech, the shoe also incorporates ample padding and an intuitive footbed design. These accommodate the contours of the foot, giving you support where necessary and adjusting to your weight bearing for optimal comfort and stability.

Around the ankles, the collar rests just underneath the malleolus. This keeps the ankle in proper alignment during the gait cycle, and provides psychological restraint so you can adjust and calculate your step to coincide with the proper ankle positioning.

Impressive Comfort Straight Out of the Box

One of Nike’s strongest suits is their ability to design comfortable shoes that require little to no break-in, allowing you to enjoy its full potential straight out of the box. Despite being quite a beefy shoe design, the TR180 maintains this Nike signature design feature.

The uppers feature premium mesh material which is exceptionally pliable and forgiving. In the gym, this can be highly beneficial especially for demanding workouts that require lots of bending at the ankles and the toes. The forgiving mesh uppers make it possible to go through your workout without the need to adjust your step, allowing a more natural, almost barefoot experience.

I also want to point out that the uppers are particularly breathable thanks to the open-pore material the design uses. By maximizing air flow and allowing your feet to breathe, the shoes don’t accumulate any moisture and keep a cool, comfortable climate inside at all times.

The sole design is also something worth mentioning. The lightweight construction lets you move and glide without the bulk of a hefty shoe weighing you down. This reduces the amount of energy you would have to spend, extending your workout and reducing the chances of aching feet after each session.

An Intuitive Sole Construction

The sole design on the Air Max TR180 is something I just need to talk about. The intuitive construction takes all the aspects of your workout into account, and thus provides you everything you need in order to speed through that session with ease and zero wasted energy.

Firstly, the sole incorporates that signature Max Air heel cushion technology. This hollow space inside the sole allows greater responsiveness minus the weight of a bouncy sole material. What it gives you is preserved momentum which it stores for your next toe off.

On your next step, the Max Air cushion releases stored energy and gives greater rebound for a bouncier, livelier, more powerful step minus the effort. So for running, jumping, and even lifting weights, the sole definitely works to your advantage.

Secondly, the soles boast one of the most aggressive tread patterns I’ve seen on a training shoe. Widely spaced V-shaped protrusions riddle the surface of the outsole, giving unbelievable traction on a number of different surfaces. These markings continue along the side of the sole, allowing greater control and traction even if you land slightly to the sides of your feet.

Dynamic Fit for All Kinds of Feet

What’s a great shoe design if it doesn’t fit your feet the right way? The Nike Air Max TR180 boasts a design that’s intended to fit every kind of foot with its Dynamic Fit technology. This basically integrates with the Flywire tech and the laces to allow users to achieve a dynamic fit regardless of foot shape.

The end result is a snug, comfortable, and secure fit that contours to the shape of your feet and provides sufficient support from all angles. The design also prevents any areas of the uppers from pressing too hard on your skin, so you can enjoy that stable fit without the annoying and sometimes painful feeling of having the material digging into your feet over time.

Reliable Durability Makes It a Long Term Investment

Gym and training shoes easily wear out especially if you only use a single pair for all those regular workouts. Fortunately, the TR180 feature a lasting build, allowing you to enjoy the same great features over several years of use.

Reliable construction holds the entire shoe together. It’s this that gives you a hard-wearing design that won’t fall apart even after daily use and abuse. The materials used for the soles are particularly resilient. In fact, they can retain their original shape and density for months without signs of wear and tear.

When it comes to the outsoles, Nike used some of the most robust materials. This guarantees to give killer traction out of the box that doesn’t wear out over time.

So what is the only issue I’ve found with the Nike Air Max TR180? For all the great features it offers buyers, it still seems pretty overpriced. The Adidas Performance Adipure 360.3 Training Shoe for example is another great option. This footwear choice features pretty much the same great design. But at almost just half the price (depending on current discounts) of the TR180, it might be a smarter choice for budget buyers.

Pros of the Nike Air Max TR180 Training Shoe

  • Stylish signature Nike aesthetic makes it work as both a training shoe and a casual shoe.
  • Mesh uppers are lightweight, breathable, and pliable, providing excellent comfort fresh from the box.
  • Sole construction gives impressive support all around for a problem and injury-free workout.
  • Unbelievable traction on a variety of surfaces for a killer bite no matter how you land.
  • Durable materials and construction extends the design’s lifespan for a premium footwear investment.
  • Designed to fit all users, giving you excellent performance no matter your foot shape.
  • Flywire technology prevents injuries by locking your foot down for superior lateral control.

Cons of the Nike Air Max TR180

  • One of the more expensive training shoes on the market. Despite being quite an impressive performer, I can’t help but feel like it’s overpriced.

The Bottom Line

Thinking of getting yourself a pair of the Nike Air Max TR180s? I say go for it – if you’re willing to spend that pretty penny. Of course, the shoes do deliver, and yes, they are a worthy investment if that’s what you’re after. But for buyers on a budget, it might not be the smartest choice.

So if you’ve got that extra green to spare, then the TR180 might be a great choice for you. Otherwise, you may want to look into more wallet-friendly options. The Train Prime Iron DF Cross Trainer Shoes for instance might be a better choice.

Outside the Nike brand, I can recommend the Adidas Performance Adipure 360.3 Training Shoe. This design offers just the same features minus that steep price tag.


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