Best Law Enforcement Boots

Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Chase Low Tactical Boot

Bottom line upfront – I recommend the primarily because of their fit, light weight and price. Whether you are a Police Officer, Mall Cop, Bounty Hunter, Personal Security Guard, a member of the French Foreign Legion or a Military Peace Keeper, you need good boots. Someone once said that an army marches on its stomach, … Read more

The Best Work Boots for Electricians

The Best Work Boots for Electricians

The choices you have on the market and what to buy. Protection from electric shock is very important, and the choice of safety work boots for electricians that are available on the market, has increased significantly since the trusty army boot being the only somewhat protective footwear available. Wanting to find boots for myself, that … Read more

Timberland PRO Pit Boss Review – Is It the Best Work Boot?

The is one of the brand’s most celebrated line-ups. It boasts a wide selection of work footwear that’s designed to make the daily grind a whole lot easier on your feet. I’ve done quite a lot of research on this line-up before, and it never fails to impress with its stellar designs that are made … Read more

Ariat Catalyst VX Boot Review

The is probably one of the best footwear investments you can make if you work a demanding job. I should know as I spent quite a bit of time learning about these boots through comprehensive research. What I discovered is that aside from their cowboy-meets-extraterrestrial aesthetic, these boots boast a long list of unique design … Read more

Best Ironworker Boots

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ironworking is the 7th most dangerous job there is. Exposing individuals to unique workplace hazards and dangers, working as an ironworker requires special protection and gear to guarantee an injury-free shift. So, whether you’re just starting out on your new ironworking job or if you’ve been navigating those … Read more

Rockport Boots Review

View on AmazonRockport basically tries to make shoes that are as comfortable as sneakers but look like regular shoes, so that you can wear them on occasions where sneakers are inappropriate, or you would just prefer to not to wear them even though comfort is a priority. It’s obvious that the company devotes a great … Read more

Justin Boots Review

Justin® Boot Company has been handcrafting western footwear for over 130 years. They are actually now an icon in today’s western culture. The company creates authentic western footwear that is both durable and comfortable, for men, women, and children for all occasions. Justin Men’s Boots While Justin has a lot of western style boots for … Read more

Itasca Boots Review

Itasca makes footwear meant to be used outdoors, such as for hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, and snow and waterproof boots. The company offers a wide variety of models for men, women, and kids. Some of the styles are even custom made. Here is a sampling of Itasca footwear available today. Itasca Men’s Swampwalker Rubber Boots … Read more

Muck Boots Review

Muck Boot Review

Bottom Line Upfront: Muck Boots get our highest recommendation for comfort, warmth, and quality compared to other brands we have reviewed. However not every model is the best choice in its category. From adventurers traipsing through snow and slush in Antarctica to hunters and fishermen all over the world, to those taking care of farm … Read more