Best Shoes for Drop Foot

Here are our top picks for people suffering from drop foot pain.  

Top pick for women: Z-Coil Women’s Legend Tennis Shoe

Top pick for men: Z-Coil Men’s Legend Tennis Shoe

Best Shoes with Cushion for Drop Foot

The Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear Women’s Legend Rugged Outsole Enclosed Coil Black Tennis Shoe


This shoe provides a leather upper with a rubber sole, and is an imported product. These shoes are designed to accommodate every curve of the foot for a painless fit. The padded tongue adds comfort to the foot while the EVA forefoot cushioning cushions the ball of have foot and toes.

Image of the Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Women's Legend Rugged Outsole Enclosed Coil Black Leather Tennis Shoe 7 C/D US

There are built in Z Orthotics that protect the plantar ligaments from damage. A wide toe box is built into the shoe to help prevent toe rubbing and irritation that may otherwise occur.

The Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear Men’s Legend Slip Resistant Black Leather Tennis Shoe

Like the women’s version this is also leather with a rubber sole. Note that half sizes are not available, you should order the next size up. An ½ size insert will be provided for the shoe to make a custom maximized comfortable fit. For example, someone wearing a size W8.5 shoe should order a size W9.0. These shoes provide a padded heal collar and tongue for added comfort to the foot.

Image of the Z-CoiL Men's Legend Slip Resistant Enclosed Coil Black Leather Tennis Shoe 11 D(M) US

Comfortable: The forefoot EVA cushioning cushions the ball of the foot and toes. The built-in Z Orthotics protect the plantar ligaments from damage. The wide toe-box prevents toe rubbing and irritation. Genuine full-grain soft leather will also accommodate every curve of the foot.

While a great pair of shoes in a neutral color such as black may provide for many of your footwear needs no one shoe fits every single occasion. Z-Coil shoes are also rather costly, so one pair that is versatile for most needs is great, but undoubtedly some people are looking for a cheaper price tag attached to the shoes they will buy. This is especially true for shoes that are not your “main pair” of shoes. Below are some other great picks that provide shoes for your seasonal needs with a little bit more of a conservative price-tag included on some of these picks!

Vionic Women’s Mary Jane Mule

One of the best choices that many people cite as a great pick for a casual shoe for women with drop-foot are shoes made by Vionic. Vionic Women’s “Joan” Mary Jane Mule are an excellent pick for a woman’s casual, everyday shoe.

Affordable: The price is also much more in most people’s price ranges. These shoes run at a more reasonable price on Amazon, about 1/3 of what you will pay for more specialized shoes like Z Coil, but without sacrificing the technology you need to be comfortable. These mules are ideal because of their slip-on design that adds to their overall comfort.

Durable: The textile lining keeps moisture controlled and ensures the shoes last long as possible. Durable rubber outsoles grip the ground for a solid step to prevent falls. Orthoheel technology helps relieve heel pain through biomechanic foot bed that naturally aligns your feet. The style fits a little small due to the shoe’s inner contours to your feet. Order ½ size larger than your usual shoe for optimal fit.


Vionic Men’s Eli Slip-ons

One of the best choice that many people cite as a great pick for a casual shoe for men with drop-foot are the Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Eli Slip on Shoes. These are more in many people’s price range running in the average to upper-average price range on

These shoes work well as a casual paid as they are a neutral suede brown color that will go with many different outfits for various occasions. The shoe boasts a leather body with a solid, gripping rubber sole. The Orthoheel technology creates a bio-mechanical orthotic foot bed provides relief for the drop-foot condition.

Whether you want to go out for a jog or want to play a round of tennis or go for a walk with the dog a good pair of athletic shoes are essential to anyone’s comfort doing that activity. When you experience something like drop-foot finding a comfortable, supportive athletic shoe is even more challenging. We have found our favorite picks for both men and women below.

SAS Women’s Sporty Tennis Shoes

One of the best choices for women that are looking to get their workout in or get out on the move are the SAS Women’s Sporty Supportive Tennis Shoes. These shoes may be moderate in pricing, but they are definitely supportive.

Image of the SAS Women's Sporty Supportive Tennis Shoes (9, Silver)

SAS make their shoes wide so that any braces or other devices you need to fit inside fit in easily to support your foot! Moreover, the shoe is designed to provide quality arch support as well as providing multiple widths so you find the one that fits you best. The SAS Tripad comfort system that ensures you have the cushioning you need to help protect the three main pressure points on your foot from added pain.


Vionic Men’s Contest Active Lace Ups

One of the best choices for men that are looking to get their workout in or get out on the move are the Vionic Men’s Contest Active Lace Up Shoe. These shoes vary greatly in price but have rubber soles that grip the ground below you to help keep you steady on your feet.

Image of the Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men's Contest Active Lace Up,Black,US 8 M

There are removable dual density EVA insoles to help support your foot while wearing the shoe. The EVA insoles were designed by a certified podiatrist to ensure the support to your feet is top-quality. They also include Vionic’s system with Orthaheel Contest system designed to support your foot at all major three pressure points. There is also room in the shoe to accommodate your personal orthotics inserts or braces as well to keep you steady while you work hard and live your life.

If you’re going out to the beach or out for a manicure this summer you want a comfortable quality pair of sandals. However, when experiencing drop-foot many sandals don’t offer the support you need to ensure you are comfortable and safe while going about your vacations or summer season. We have found some, however, that will provide that support. These are our best picks.

Z-Coil Pain Relief Women’s Sidewinder

This is again where Z-Coil comes in as they have created a woman’s sandal called the Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear Women’s Sidewinder Black Sandal. These are the costliest shoes of the ones on our list but they provide a spring in the back of the shoe that helps the heel spring up so they are able to walk more easily without the foot dropping down and causing pain like shin splits or pulled muscles.

Image of the Z-CoiL Women's Sidewinder Black Sandal 7 C/D US

Their sandals are also made of rubber with strong, thick, durable soles and have genuine full grain soft leather accommodates every curve of the foot. Soft padded straps hug the foot without digging into your foot. There is the Built-In-Z-Orthotic protection that helps keep the plantar ligaments from being damaged. The front toe-box is also very wide so there is plenty of room for the toes to move.




KRABOR Men/Women’s Sandals

KRABOR Men/Women's Sandals, Adjustable Straps with Arch Support Open Toe for Outdoors Red-Brown

The KRABOR Men/Women’s Sandals provide all the comfort and cushioning that you may need to help support your drop foot problems. The shoe provides significant arch support, and as a sandle is useful in all sorts of environments.  They are highly slip resistant which is useful for those with drop foot, as the last thing you want to have happened is to slip and fall and risk hurting yourself.  

The Krabor brand is a reputable shoe seller and footwear manufacturer, so you can trust that their quality and standards will live up to your high expectations.  The sandles come in a wide array of sizes, so you can order them in the exact sizes that you feel you need to care for your foot problems.  


Drop-Foot Braces

Image of the Aider Dropfoot Brace Type 1 for Stroke, Hemiplegia, Peroneal Nerve Injury, Spinal Cord Injury (Left Type1, Size up to US10)

There are also various braces that are available for people with drop-foot that helps hold the front half of the foot up to offer additional support. Most braces are either Velcro or some even go back around the ankle to help provide the foot extra support. Many of the shoes above are of Wide to help keep allow for extra room for these braces to fit into the shoe alongside your foot for additional support. These are braces that can be switched from shoe to shoe, so generally one or two sets of braces are all you need!



Frequently asked Questions

What is drop foot?

Drop-foot is an abnormality in the foot where the forefoot drops off due to weakness, irritation, or damage to the sciatic nerve. It can also be caused by a paralysis of the muscles in the anterior part of the foot. Drop-foot is a common symptom for people who suffer from conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS). Due to the difficulty of lifting the front end of the foot, walking can become quite difficult.

Is Z-Coil a good brand for drop foot?

Z-Coil makes shoes for both men and women and their shoes include flip-flops, tennis shoes, hiking books, and work shoes to name a few. Z-Coil shoes can be rather costly, but their versatility and durability are well-worth the investment. Oftentimes one pair of shoes will suit many occasions in your daily life. The best shoe that will fit most people for the most occasions comes from the Z-Coil Pain Relief line.

Podiatrists have most recently been recommending the Z-Coil line of footwear as the premium example of quality footwear for people experiencing drop-foot. Z-Coil footwear was founded in 1995 and has sold over 1 million pairs of shoes around the world since

How do Z-Coil shoes work?


While drop-foot can be a painful condition resulting in things like pulled ligaments/muscles or shin splints there is some good news. There are plenty of shoes out there that are designed with extra support to help you avoid those conditions. Along with appropriate braces and support devices, these shoes can help you on your walk to less pain and a more active lifestyle going forward.