Best Rain Boots For Wide Calves

There is nothing better about a cloudy, dreary, rainy spring day than a brand-new pair of slick, sleek rain boots. However, when one has thicker calves sometimes squishing them into a pair of standard-sized rain boots can be uncomfortable, to say the least.

Top picks: For women with wide calves, our rain boot recommendation is Rugged Outback Women’s Tsunami Rainboot. And for men the Bog Men’s Solid Rain Boots.

That too-tight feeling can ruin the look of an otherwise perfectly nice pair of new rain boots. It can make splashing in the springtime puddles an uncomfortable experience rather than a fun pass time.

However, to those of us with wider-than-average calves, do not fear. Many people have had the same problems we have. The great news is that people have designed rain boots just for people who need a bit of extra space in the calf region. So, you can enjoy a shiny new pair of rain boots and still have the comfort of a boot that fits properly all the way up to the top!

Top 5 Rain Boots for Wide CalvesWhy It's BestRating
Rugged Outback Women's Tsunami RainbootExtra room up top makes ideal for wearers with wider calves, and jersey lining within is great for added comfort.★★★★★
Bogs Men's Winter Rancher Snow BootEasy-on handholds, Max-Wick lining, and a removable sole make for a customizable shoe that delivers. ★★★★★
Own Shoe Woman's Fashion Rain BootsSuper colorful and fashionable, at a low a price, and made of quality materials, a good buy.★★★★★
Silky Toes Waterproof Chelsea RainbootsA classy boot for bad weather day and business wear. Good good, stay protected!★★★★★
Polar Fishing Garden Waterproof WellingtonsA tall and classy boot for men that will keep your feet dry throughout the day.★★★★★

Best Rainboots For Wide Calves:

For women with wide calves, one of the best choices on the market is the Rugged Outback Women’s Tsunami Rainboot. These are moderately priced and it is not surprising that they are also well-reviewed.

These boots are available in both black and maroon colors. They are made of synthetic rubber and are completely waterproof.

The feature that makes them ideal for wider calves is the extra room up top. There is a buckle at the top but it is for show and not actually adjustable. The inside is made of a jersey lining and the padded insole provides additional comfort. Traction from a rugged sole to the shoe assures you won’t slip. The boot is made from man-made materials.

For men with wide calves, one of the best choices on the market is the Bogs Men’s Waterproof Rain Boots. These are in the upper “average” price range for a pair of rain boots.

These boots are made of rubber and are classified as imported materials. The shaft measures about 12.75” from the arch and the boot opening measures about 16” around. These boots are waterproof and featured a logo-embossed top-line and easy-on handholds to help get the boots on and off easily.

Max-wick lining helps keep the feet from becoming sweaty and there is a removable insole for additional comfort if desired. These boots tend to run about a ½ size big due to the boot’s wide nature, have an EVA footbed with Durafresh technology inserted to help fight odor, and possess a non-marking, anti-slip sole. They also are wider than average to provide the calf additional room inside for added comfort.

Secondary Wide-Calf Boot Choices:

While the boots above are a great choice for those looking for some extra room for their calves inside their boots, there are many other great choices out there as well. Because who wants just one choice when it comes to what to wear on a rainy spring day? Here are some of our other favorites for wide-calf boots:

Colorful/Colored Boots:

Sometimes we want something a little more playful and creative than just a pair of plain, black boots. That can be a challenge to find a comfortable pair of those that fit those of us who have wider calves but still provide that pop of color we are looking for. Because sometimes it takes a little pop of color in an outfit to make a rainy, dreary day a little less drab. Here are some of our best picks for colorful boots below:

A colorful pair of boots that women with wide calves will find the OwnShoe Women’s Multiple Styles Rain Snow Winter Flat Rubber Mid-Calf Short Rainboots which are available on and at retailers nationwide for a quite a low, reasonable price. Available in a wide variety of colors these boots provide a pop of color for every taste and can be bought in black, blue, red, pink, yellow, and forest green.

They are made of rubber and imported materials and also have a rubber sole. The heels measure approximately 1” and the shaft measures up to 10” from the arch to the top of the boot. The calf circumference is 14”. These boots are also made with a comfort footbed to make the boots more comfortable to wear.

A pair of boots for men that can add some color to your wardrobe while still providing room for wider calves are the Muck Boot Wide Calf Rain Boot which are a bit costly yet they are 100% waterproof. These boots are available in both black and moss green. They are handcrafted from natural rubber and offer an adjustable waterproof gusset for the perfect fit around the calf. The calf gusset is able to extend 3,” making these ideal for those who need extra room for their calves (20.1″ total for calves with extension).  Muck has added extra reinforcement in the toe and heel area, plus gives additional arch support.  The 5mm neoprene makes these boots lightweight and flexible.

Elegant Boots:

These are great picks for those days when you need a more elegant boot to wear. For example, those days when you have office meetings with a client but can’t be bothered to drag another pair of dress shoes along for the day. These boots pull a double show in their proper elegance looking business casual style, while also keeping you warm and dry. This is all done while providing plenty of room inside to keep you comfortable without having to make the “squeeze” into uncomfortable, narrow boots. Here are some of our top picks:

An elegant boot choice for women with wider calves would be the Silky Toes Elastic Slip On Short Rain Boot.

Made from premium synthetic material, this boot boasts a beautiful subtle elegance and sophistication that makes it look like an expensive footwear choice. Suitable for spring or autumn weather, these boots will provide suitable warmth and protection and are great for almost any occasion including work, parties, going out to dinner, shopping, etc.

These boots can match anything from jeans to dresses and back again. And, they are unique in their elegant style with low, rubber heels and a dainty shaft of about 5″ from the heel. These boots may run-up to a half size smaller, so please see specific sizing charts on their website for exact measurement details to ensure you order the proper size.

A great pair of elegant boots for men would be theMen’s Original Tall Plain Fishing Garden Rubber Waterproof Wellingtons. These boots are available on and at retailers nationwide for an average price that one can expect to pay a pair of shoes.

These boots are available in both black or forest green colors. The price on these is about average what you would pay for a pair of shoes.  This set of boots provides a rubber boot and sole. The shaft measures about 16” inches from the arch. The original tall plain boot has a matte finish and is made of vulcanized rubber to make up the upper boot. They’re also waterproof in their construction and have a quick-dry textile lining. The calves are about 19” in circumference.


The top choices for those of us with wide calves are Rugged Outback Women’s Tsunami Rainboot for women and Bog Men’s Solid Rain Boots for men.

But as you saw, there are many comfortable choices to wear during the rainy spring and fall seasons. Whether you’re going to sit in business meetings all day or are going out with friends or going to the grocery store there are boots out there to meet your needs.