Best Rain Boots for Toddlers for Boys and Girls

In the good old days, kids’ rain boots boiled down to fit, function, and form. Today, there is another measure for rain boots: Fashion. Believe it or not, it is possible to get a kid’s boot that offers the much-needed warmth without sacrificing style.

In fact, most toddlers do not care much about function and fit, so to speak. I have a nephew whose number one kicks are his rain boots. He is always puddle-jumping in them and trucking in the springtime muddy yards. We do not care much, since that is the only thing that this little tornado can put on without putting up a fight.

Our recommendation: Lone Cone Children’s Waterproof Boots are our top pick for the best rain boots for toddlers.

These boots get our top pick for their excellent design, ease of getting on and off, and safety-oriented practical features.

Why Lone Cone Waterproof Boots?

Comfortable and Easy to wear ‘’all by myself’’

Sometimes children love to feel ‘big’ and to accomplish some things by themselves. Over-parenting and always being in total control could cause overdependence and incompetence. The Lone Clone are examples of a few other things designed to let you loosen the reigns and make your toddlers learn things at their pace.

These boots have two strapping handles that make wearing and ferrying the boots nothing but a piece of cake. What we like is that the handles are nicely sized and are smooth for your toddler’s delicate hands. This means that they can squish their little feet inside the boots without grazing their tender skin.

In the same vein, we like these boots’ tops. They have just the right size to allow squeezing in the pants in readiness for the puddles.

They are true to size

A good fit is a quintessential paradigm for a toddler’s rain boots. Ill-fitting footwear could do a lot of damage to growing feet. A too-tight feel can also be a plague to a seemingly perfect pair of boots, besides causing blisters.

For that reason, Lone Cone rain boots are well-made to facilitate a precise, snug fit. The essence here is to ensure that it does not slop around on his/her little feet which could cause your toddler to drag and wear out the soles fast.


Thou shall not get those feet cold!

Losing warmth is another telltale of a wrong choice of your toddler’s boot. You see, putting small feet in big boots requires your toddler’s feet to generate a lot of heat for the extra space. This is because the boot does not warm the little feet, it’s the other way around. What we like about the Lone Cone boots is that my nephew’s feet always feel toasty warm and dry when he pulls them out.

Do I need to mention that these boots are 100% waterproof? The Lone Cone boots are made of pure rubber. They have a high cutoff point that is just perfect for keeping water out. Besides tromping in the rain, this waterproof design also makes them ideal for playing in the stream and giving a hand in the garden.

These boots are also incredibly painless to clean. All you need to do is run them under the faucet, and they will be ripe for the next day’s muddy puddles.


Soft cotton lining interior

These boosts also flaunt a soft cotton lining interior to complement their true-to-size design. This cotton lining protects your kid’s foot from the rubber. It also adds some degree of comfort which is quite vital for those extended wears.

There is also a light insole. As your toddler romps in the neighborhood, this insole endeavors to take good care of her feet, by offering extra support.

The insole also helps in keeping the heat in.  Your toddler will probably be in her boots for extended periods. Depending on his/her jittery behavior, this could lead to lots of sweating. As such, the insole and the cotton lining collaborate to keep those small feet dry.


Use in season and out of season

Are you looking for a rain boot that your toddler can romp in throughout the year? The Lone Cone rain boots are designed just that way. These boots’ non-insulated and sweat-wicking interior means that your kid can be in them even in Summer, without the risk of searing their tootsies.

On this note, Lone Cone boots come in adorable and deferential prints that will complement almost any dress up situation easily. These images are tailor-made just for them. They also make these boots perfect for gifting both boys and girls.

For a boy, you might consider getting the Beetle Boots (has lots of bugs), Dino Puddle-a-saurus, Puddle Shuttles, or the Campfire Critters.  For the girls, the Boot-iful mermaids, Space Cats, and Bippity Boppity Fairy boots should serve them just right.


Tenacious grip outer sole

We also like that these boots are built with your toddler’s biomechanics in mind. The outer sole has nicely rounded edges and reflexive traction which allow them to run through every puddle confidently. This sole is also moderately flexible and offers spider-like grip on both loose earth and hard surfaces. This renders the boots nicely as the go-to guys for your toddler’s outdoor activities including jumping and climbing.


Are there any drawbacks with these rain boots?

Too good to take off

It’s a bit hard to pinpoint a problem with the Lone Cone toddler’s boots. My nephew has been wearing them for two seasons now, and they are doing just fine. The only slight problem that we have is forcing him to take them off.


Might run large

There are also a few complaints of some boots running slightly large. You can solve this by wearing some thick woolen socks. Again, remember to measure your toddler’s foot size thoroughly before ordering.


Other best alternatives

Kids love boots. Unfortunately, most of them, including the Lone Cone above, take close to a whole day to dry after washing. That being said, you might consider getting more than one pair. The prints on these boots may also fail to appeal everyone. So here are our other picks for the best rain boots for toddlers.


Arctiv8 Toddler Rain Boots

If you are looking for a pair of toddler boots that is not overly childish, Arctiv8 might be a nice pick. These boots are available in pink gloss, red, navy, and black colors. At their price, these assorted colors mean more options to match your toddler’s favorite jeans and leggings.

These boots also sport a moisture-absorbing cotton lining to protect your toddler’s feet from being scorched when the temps soar. Its outsole also offers excellent grips to prevent slipping on most surfaces.

The buckle atop of the boot is also worth a mention. It gives your toddler a tighter fit so they can do all the stomping without the boot slipping off.


Any drawbacks?

The major flaw with this boot is that it tends to run almost a whole size larger. As such, you might want to size down. On this note, we appreciate that Arctiv8 is available in full and half sizes which is not always common with boots.


Kamik Stomp Camo Boot

The Kamik Stomp Boot is yet another irresistible boot for the backyard. With a heel measuring 0.75 inches and a slightly raised toecap, the Kamik Stomp comes as a superb choice for running right across the puddles with lots of splashes.

Notwithstanding their synthetic rubber construction, these boots have a suitable thickness to keep your toddler’s feet dry even in the wettest conditions. They are also available in over ten elegant colors so you can get just what suits your toddler’s wardrobe.


What should you know about these boots?

The synthetic leather material used on this boot is perhaps its primary glitch. Unlike natural rubber, this might not withstand lots of abuse from your toddler which could be a little bit restrictive.

In my opinion, the Kamik Stomp Boots are also quite expensive, yet they don’t seem to be durable enough.


Peter Storm Boys’ Wellies– best inexpensive rain boots

Kids outgrow their shoes and boots quickly than adults. As such, you may need to update their rain boots after just a few seasons. This might be a little bit expensive especially for the small champs who grow like a weed. You may, therefore, consider investing in a cheaper but a good quality pair, rather than a high-end boot that will become obsolete after a few wears.

In that case, the Peter Storm Wellies for boys and girls are our number one recommendations. They are not the most stylish on the planet. But they are still functional to allow your toddler to do what they love most: Exploring the rain and investigating every puddle.

The Peter Storm Wellies are lightweight to allow easy and well-balanced footsteps, and they also have a good grip on all surfaces. They also have an inner lining to help keep your young one’s feet warm and dry.

The only issue is that they may not withstand regular abuse like the Lone Clone boots. Again, they lack the pull-up straps and may, therefore, be a little bit hectic to put on and off.



The Lone Cone boots are the best rain boots for toddlers. These boots are not only puddle-proof, but they are also snazzy to match with your kids wear. We also like that despite their versatility they don’t soak up much of your budget.

However, there are other options worth checking out too. For instance, Peter Storm Wellies might be your go-to boots if you are looking for something inexpensive. What matters is the assurance that your toddler can enjoy the muddy puddles without their feet getting cold.

We believe that this list of the best rain boots for toddlers was helpful. Our other picks of the best rain boots for wide calves might also interest you. You might want to check them out before heading out.


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