Adidas Neo Review

I recently got my hands on a few pairs of shoes from theAdidas Neo line-up to review. The objective was to find out how the designs held up in terms of comfort, durability, and overall performance. Aside from actually using them, I also scoured the web to find out what other users had to say. All of this information became my basis on deciding the verdict for each of the models in the sub-brand.

After all the research and tests, I can confidently say that Adidas Neo offers some of the best shoes. They’re actually some of the most carefully designed sports and casual footwear options you’ll find. The designs offers superb footwear performance all around. So they’re easily some of the smartest shoe investments you’ll find to date.

Now, if you’re interested in copping a pair from the Adidas Neo brand, I’m here to help with your decision. Find out more about this impressive shoe line-up by reading through this complete review.

An Undeniably Good-Looking Shoe Line

Adidas is known for their designs’ killer looks which lend a modern-sporty appeal to any outfit. The Adidas Neo sub-brand is no different, bringing forward some fashionable, fresh footwear finds that put aesthetic front and center.

One of the best looking shoes in the line-up is the Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Race Running shoe. The footwear design is definitely one of Adidas’ best ever, working well as a running or casual shoe. The design uses breathable mesh uppers and a lightweight rubber sole that lends impressive traction.

The silhouette of the shoe is sleek and slim, giving off a cool, sporty aesthetic that works well with a variety of outfits. The sole which is a lot thicker around the heel gets significantly slimmer towards the toe box. This further slims down the appearance of the shoe overall so it doesn’t look clumsy and bulky when worn.

Some other honorable mentions in the Adidas Neo line-up include the Cloudfoam Advantage and the Daily Lifestyle Skateboarding Shoe. Both of these designs provide that familiar Adidas aesthetic that looks great for both sports and casual wear.

Mixed Reviews on Traction and Grip

Traction-wise, the Adidas Neo sub-brand does make a few hits and misses. Generally speaking, the shoes in the line-up aren’t all that bad, especially those that are intended for running.

The Cloudfoam Race Running shoe features a unique tread design that uses widely scattered embossed hexagons. This design is particularly efficient at providing a steady grip ideal for running on smooth and rough terrain, and wet and dry surfaces.

Unfortunately, the casual shoes in the Adidas Neo line-up aren’t quite as impressive when it comes to traction. The Daily Lifestyle Skateboarding Shoe for instance uses a tightly spaced, shallow pattern that easily wears out after some wear and tear. This is regardless of whether it’s used for skateboarding or for casual purposes, which can be pretty disappointing.

The same can be said about theCloudfoam Advantage CL Sneakerwhich features an even more discreet sole tread pattern. Of course, the shoe is intended for casual use so it doesn’t necessarily call for aggressive traction. But it is prone to slipping especially on smooth or wet surfaces which no one really wants to have to deal with.

Impressive Comfort Across All Designs

If there’s anything that Adidas did right with the Neo line-up, it has to be comfort. All of the shoes from the line that I was able to review offered really impressive comfort even with extended use.

For the most part, the different designs use the same Cloudfoam Memory stockliner. This molds according to the shape of your foot to provide unbelievable comfort right off the bat. I found that it’s also really elastic. So it is capable of returning to its original shape as soon as weight is removed from its surface. This extends the lifespan of the insoles, providing you that fresh bed of comfort no matter how long you’ve been using your shoes.

The uppers are also typically very pliable. The Race Running Shoe for instance uses a soft, mesh upper that’s very forgiving and flexible. This eliminates the need for any break-in period so you can enjoy superior comfort right after you take the shoes out of the box.

Other shoes in the line-up like Cloudfoam Super Daily Fashion Sneaker also deserve a mention. Advertised as one of the best casual shoes on the line-up, this design uses the same Cloudfoam material. This is incorporated in combination with a relaxed silhouette that’s ideal for everyday use. What you get is an ultra comfy shoe design that can start to feel like a second skin once you wear it long enough.

Another thing that makes the shoes comfortable is that they’re very lightweight. Options like the Lite Racer Slip Onweigh very little, reducing fatigue and allowing you to walk and stand for extended periods of time minus the discomfort associated with heavier shoe models.

Top-Notch Support for a Confident Step

Adidas has been in the industry for a while, so they’ve pretty much perfected shoes when it comes to support. The Adidas Neo line-up boasts the same top-notch support that other Adidas shoes offer. So you can take a confident step without worrying about chronic pain or poor positioning.

The BB9TIS Lifestyle Basketball Shoe is pretty much the premier design the Neo line offers when it comes to support. This high-cut sports shoe was developed for use on the court, but it does work pretty well as an everyday shoe nonetheless.

The high shafts measure 5.5 inches from the arch, and provide sufficient support to prevent ankle injuries. The plush padded collar and tongue keep the foot properly in place, while the secure lacing system guarantees a snug and appropriate fit all around.

Low tops from the line-up like the Cloudfoam Advantage CL Sneaker don’t do too shabby as well. The insoles are optimally contoured to help cradle the arches of the feet. What’s more, the responsive cushion adjusts to different weight bearing positions so you can walk around without losing support to the areas of your soles that need it the most.

Decent Durability Against Everyday Wear and Tear

Lots of the shoes in the Adidas Neo line-up are advertised to be suitable everyday casual shoes. So it’s important that you take a look into durability to find out whether they can actually function as a daily footwear choice.

Most of the shoes in the line-up offer just the right durability to last you several years of use. The more durable options can sustain years without showing signs of wear and tear. This is particularly true of the Cloudfoam Advantage CL Sneaker and the Cloudfoam Super Daily Fashion Sneaker which have hard-wearing uppers that are connected to the soles with superb stitching and strong adhesives.

Of course, there are a few designs that don’t perform quite as well. The Race Running Shoe for instance has much softer uppers. So they may not retain their shape as well as the other choices. So if you plan to use the running shoes in the line-up for their actual intended purpose, you should be ready to buy a replacement a few months after you first break them out of the box.

The Verdict

Whether you’re in search of a decent sports shoe for the gym, or if you’re interested in investing in a pair of shoes you can use on the daily, the Adidas Neo line of footwear definitely has something in store for you. The line-up has a lot of great picks that work well for both purposes. Plus, it gives impressive overall performance that can easily shift from the running track to the mall.

Would I recommend that you check out the Adidas Neo sub-brand? I say absolutely. When it all comes right down to it, the brand was definitely able to execute its goal. It highlights form and function to give buyers an all around shoe that can be used for more than one setting.